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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mr. Bonds At Dr. Strangeglove's To Be Cured Of His O.F.D.

Brian Bonds goes to Dr. Strangeglove's office with his boyfriend Preston Johnson for a session to get help with his 'O.F.D. - Obsessive Fisting Disorder'. 

As part of Brian's therapy, the doctor puts them in a dungeon and turns them loose. Brian is first to get on his knees and suck Preston's cock to the base. After choking on his boyfriend's fuck-stick, Brian mounts up on a sexual Lazy Susan and gets rimmed and finger-fucked by Preston. Brian's hole quickly falls victim to Preston's fat fist plunging in and out of him. To get a better angle, Brian gets on his back and lets Preston reach in deeply.


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Friday, August 12, 2016

Batt, A Compulsive Exhibitionist From Belgium, Films Himself Jerking Off:

Without a doubt one of AMATEURS DO IT most recent favourites has been Batt. The bearded Belgian has won the hearts of many of their viewers and so they swiftly decided to let him take control of his own solo by giving him the camera and a selfie stick and let this compulsive exhibitionist show the world what he's got!

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Manuel DeBoxer Muscle-Worships A Masked Str8 Stud

Straight - masked - stud Sebastian gets muscle-worshipped and sucked by pornstar Manuel DeBoxer

Sebastian first appeared on MASKURBATE more than a year ago and his natural build was very much appreciated. Manuel asked if Sebastien would agree to make a comeback with him, Manuel, in the role of the muscle-worshipper. Fortunately for us, Sebastian agreed and looked very pleased to be serviced by one of the hottest guy in porn ...


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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Brian Bonds Fists & Fucks Axel Abysse:

Axel Abysse gets naked and hoists his legs up on the examination table. Brian Bonds gloves up and swallows Axel's uncut, pierced cock. Moving down from his cock to his pierced taint, Brian teases Axel's pink hole with his talented tongue. Brian drenches his cock in lube and shoves it deep into Axel's asshole. Alternating between fucking Axel with his cock and pounding him with his fist, Brian reaches deep into Axel. Each time Brian removes his fist, Axel pushes out his hole and gives Brian a bright red rosebud to lick and fuck. Switching positions, Axel rides on Brian's fist hard.



Friday, July 22, 2016

Two Str8 Policemen Forced To Kiss

The two policemen are starting to regret their visit to the school today. Both men are used to being in charge, so it's very disturbing to be so totally out of control. 

The girls giggle as they take advantage of them, thinking of ways to humiliate them even further.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Marcello And His Foot-Fetish:

Italian Stallion Marcello has a highly compulsive foot fetish and is forever on the lookout for some sleazy, horny, guys to worship, tickle, lick and suck his feet ... 

... how about you ... ???

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Str8 Muscle-Stud Finds a Submissive, Worthless Worm At the Gym To Clean His Sweaty Pits & Filthy, Unwashed Asshole:

Handsome, muscular Master Shane is pumping weights when the fully naked runt appears to watch him longingly. With a sneer on his lips, the psychotic top decides to continue damaging the snivelling guy. Shane pulls of his sweaty shirt to reveal a powerful body before he orders the sub to lick him clean. 

The worm licks all over the Master's body before being ordered to suck Shane's fat cock. This degrading action excites the Master who places himself over the sub so that he can have his arse crack completely licked clean as well. Finally, the top opens wide. cheeks and has the runt deeply rim clean his sweaty, stinking hole.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Hetero Paddy Gets Fingered By His Co-Workers

Paddy grits his teeth and does his best to bear being felt up by his hapless colleagues.

He's led through degrading acts further and further until he's naked on the floor. The tough worker is on all fours getting his arse fingered and his cock wanked. For the first time this hetero feels what it's like having his g-spot stimulated and his co-worker, Charlie, grows increasingly excited directing the filthy action ...  ... 

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